Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Welcome to my Optimum Health Blog

Hello, this is my new blog. Welcome!! I am glad you are here.

Let me start out with just a short overview of what my goals are for YOUR health.

Our goal is to restore balance in the body as a whole, and scientific research confirms that all areas of life are connected. We address all issues in the body for complete healing:


At Hansa Center for Optimum Health, our doctors provide treatment and education that works with God's natural design of the body, empowering the body to heal itself.

We believe that true healing cannot occur by simply masking symptoms, so we seek to treat the cause of the illness, utilizing extensive non-invasive treatments in conjunction with supplements to help the body rid itself of disease.

"Health in a bottle" is a myth - if you must continually take a pill, it is not correcting what is necessary for your body to heal.If you are sick, we are here to help.

If you are well, we can still help you reach and maintain your optimum health.

Thanks for coming to by blog.

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Unknown said...

I have been reading about GNM for awhile as I learned about it on Mercola.com. My son developed testicular cancer like Dr. Hammer and he did suffer a traumatic conflict/loss. I think it definitely has merit. But it has to be handled with care as bitter roots could also develop in putting blame on the person who caused the trauma when the two are related. Then, I ponder how many people suffer terrible conflicts and loss, harbor it most of their lives and do not get testicular cancer. Why, I wonder? I can think of specific cases as I write these thoughts. I think as anyone promotes this, it's important to say that many cancers and diseases can be caused by emotional conflict and those have a good chance of being healed if the emotional is healed; but that it's also obvious not every cancer is from emotional roots, but exposures to chemicals, EMF's, poor diet etc.

The God of the Bible also told us many things regarding the mind and the body. They are connected and therefore can work to bring joy or distress, health or sickness. Thank you for pressing forward in healing through spiritual awareness and natural means!


Anonymous said...

I am not a religious person yet I am spiritual and believe there is a reason for everything. Thus when I ran out of options for treatment my chronic lyme, it was a blessing that a friend told me about Dr. Jernigan's first book "Beating Lyme Disease". I didn't start reading the book from the beginning but jumped to the chapter "Healing at Home" which I followed and put me in remission for 3 years now!

I admire Dr. David Jernigan because of his views: treating the body, mind and spirit! It's not about just taking botanicals, it's also about taking a "look" at yourself which I was forced to do and eliminating stressors, finding peace within myself, making peace with others, and so much more!

May the New Year bring much health and happiness to all!