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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Low Body Temperature

You cannot keep running your body's engine with no fuel and no heat!

In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome there are many theories as to the cause. Some say it is the effects of heavy metal and chemical toxicity. Some say it is chronic infections, while others say it is the side-effects from vaccines and the use of suppressive medicines such as acetaminophen, aspirin, and ibuprofen, still others say it is dysregulated hormones or the effects of emotional trauma.

It this author’s opinion everyone is correct in the same way as the proverbial three blind men describing an elephant from the head, tail, and the side are correct in each one’s description but only from his unique vantage point. However, in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome there is one common overriding finding…low body temperature!

This article deals primarily with the very predictable problems seen in low body temperature and the profound importance of restoring and maintaining normal core body temperature. This is true not just in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but in every degenerative disease of our day.

Your core body temperature is the temperature taken under the tongue. When human physiology books refer to the “normal” core body temperature it is presented as a range sometimes listed between 97.0-99.0°F . Understand that the “Normal Range” for temperature or even the normal ranges in blood tests are based upon the average person of our day. That is why “normal” changes periodically, because as our average population continues to get sicker the normal ranges must be adjusted. So in this discussion I am speaking about what is an optimal core body temperature – 98.6-99.6°F.

Much emphasis in conventional medicine is usually placed upon feverish conditions; however, a low body temperature can be a much more sinister condition. Where a fever can be viewed as an active developmental and corrective process of the healthy body, a low body temperature can never be viewed as a normal or healthy condition, nor is it a mechanism for a learning or developmental process in the body.

A low body temperature creates a happy home for viruses and chronic infections, and is a sign of degeneration and gradual cellular death. The problem with a low core temperature is that no effective immune response can be mounted therefore no fever is generated and infections go undetected. The sickest person is one who gets the same infections but never miss a day of work because there is no response by their immunes system, so they have a false sense of wellness as healthier individuals go through healthy fevers and immune responses that may cause them to miss work.

Low body temperature is the plague of the 21st century. People with low body temperature have a weak reaction to even the most ideal medicines and therapies.

As the body’s core temperature decreases all cellular energy also decreases thereby leading to profound and chronic fatigue that is not relieved by sleep.

The effects of low temperature:

The cooperative and collective intelligence of the human organism is short-circuited as the body temperature cools. As a result, all cellular functions decrease. There is a decrease in the production of all hormones, neurotransmitters, and other body chemicals necessary for healthy regulation of energy.

In this mild hypothermia condition there is an increased susceptibility to infectious disease as temperature drops the acidity of the body increases and the normally predominantly negative polarity of the cells become more positively charged.

The colder the body becomes the more prone to depression and other psychological abnormalities and all degenerative illnesses of the body, mind and spirit.

Until the causes of the lowered temperature are addressed and corrected, the best that can be hoped for is only temporary or mild improvement of symptoms and a gradual but steady overall decline in health.

Viruses prefer and promote a cold environment and replicate at a much more rapid rate when the body is cold. Viruses are killed and further replication is impeded by maintaining a warm body. Some bacteria such as Lyme spirochetes also prefer and promote a cold environment and can remain in a chronic state as long as their cold environment is maintained. Therefore, in the interest of the prevention and treatment of any viral, bacterial, or chronic illness, this topic must be understood.

The ultimate body coldness is seen in death. When observing a corpse many clinical gems can be gleaned and correlated to degenerative states of human suffering. In death, the blood and lymph fluid of the body solidify and the body becomes stiff and cold. In the same way many chronic cold illnesses such as, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, cancer, Lyme disease, Multiple Sclerosis, diabetes, and heart disease, we see that the body becomes progressively colder. As the body cools, the electrical oscillations of the fluids in the body slow down and there is a shift in the body’s polarity which promotes infectious microbes and cancer.

We can see the same principle of what happens in the body by observing the same dynamics in a water molecule. When the electrical oscillations of a water molecule slows down it becomes a solid, ice, as we speed up a water molecule’s electrical oscillations it liquefies and ultimately becomes a vapor.

The colder a body becomes, the slower the electrical oscillatory rate and therefore the thicker, more viscous, or syrupy the body fluids become. The more viscous the fluids become the more difficult it is for the body to push the fluids through the body. The lymph fluids that are normally supposed to bathe the outsides of all of your cells become progressively stagnant as it is too thick to move efficiently.

Now, consider the fact that just like your skin is constantly dying and flaking off and being replaced, so it is that every cell in your body is in a constant state of dying and being replaced. Only now the cold, syrupy lymph fluid cannot wash the dead cellular debris away. As a result the body becomes a toxic waste dump!

Muscles normally have a high demand for energy. Through contraction and relaxation muscles assist in eliminating their own cellular waste products. In a cold body however, the liquidity of the fluids inside of the muscles is gone, and the muscles cannot move the toxins and cellular debris.

The deeper you go into belly or center of the muscle, the colder and more difficult it is to move the toxins. Without normal viscosity of the body fluids, muscular contraction and relaxation grinds to a halt, like an engine with no lubricating oil. The belly of the muscle develops a knot that can be felt when massaging the muscle. This is the knotted, painful, muscle condition commonly known as “trigger points” of Fibromyalgia Syndrome, which is being diagnosed in millions of people every year.

If the low body temperature is allowed to persist and no therapies are applied, even in a palliative manner as in massages to move toxins manually out of the belly of the muscle, the condition follows that of the water molecule. The belly of the muscle, due to the increasing coldness and decreased muscular activity progressively over time reaches the point of zero electrical oscillations at which time the tissue solidifies in a calcified stone in the belly of the muscle.

Interesting research that supports this concept has been performed by Dr. Carolyn McMakin, D.C. using the electro-therapy called microcurrent. The microcurrent is applied through direct contact on these trigger points via vinyl/graphite gloves connected to the microcurrent machine.

The trigger points virtually vanish under the gentle touch of the glove when applying the correct electrical frequency. What may be happening here is that the stimulation of the muscle through microcurrent is externally increasing the electrical oscillatory rate of the thickened fluids in the muscle resulting in temporarily restoring the normal liquidity of the fluids allowing the muscles to once again contract and pump out the toxic accumulation.

The results are somewhat temporary due to the fact that the underlying condition that created it in our scenario, the overall low body temperature, remains unchanged. However, used in combination with various other corrective measures, this microcurrent therapy can speed healing in many cases. Relief of Fibromyalgia Through Microcurrent Therapy by John W. Addington ImmuneSupport.com 7-11-2001

Organ Circuits and low temperature

The body is set up with dedicated electrical circuits all of which are interdependent and interconnected. A circuit in the body has a specific organ, gland, teeth, muscle, and nerves. If anything goes wrong in one of these organ circuits the circuit energy goes down approximately 60% of normal.

The laws of thermodynamics state if we decrease energy we decrease temperature. Due to the interconnectedness of all the circuits, one circuit in the body cannot go down without ultimately affecting the whole.

Therefore, if the muscle is seizing up and becoming progressively rigid and solidified, what do you suppose the organ that is also on that same electrical circuit is doing? It is likely that to some degree it is also progressively seizing up and solidifying.

In the 50,000 miles of blood vessels, the cold thick blood is more difficult to flow through the veins and arteries. Arteriosclerosis, the progressive hardening of the arteries, and the clogging of the blood vessels is manifesting the exact same problem that is being experienced by every tissue in the too cold body.

Edema in the extremities is seen as the muscular walls of the blood vessels seize up and can no longer maintain tone and the fluids leaks out of the pores in the vessels.

I look at many older patients, and some not so old, who are experiencing all the signs and symptoms of death in the extremities. They are dying in their extremities first, from the feet and hands up to legs to the torso. To touch their feet is just like touching an icy, stiff, dead corpse. The foot is deathly whitish blue and etched in blue/black blood vessels from devitalized, stagnant blood.

The overcooling of peripheral blood returning from cold legs and feet causes depression of the temperature in the vital organs with slowing of metabolic processes, particularly in the brain and medullary centers. Cotran R.S., Kumar V., Robbins S.L., Robbin’s Pathological Basis of Disease 4th ed. 1989 pp501. Death occurs when a vital organ reaches the point of being too cold.

Your physician can name your disease, he can call it cancer, he can draw your blood and show you everything that is wrong with it, but he is simply describing the process I have just outlined. When the core temperature of the body is cold every organ, gland, and tissue is affected and becomes hypo-functional or may even become hyper, as in the case of hyperthyroidism, in a last ditch effort to compensate for the hypothermic condition of the body.

Hypo-function in the body means that there are fewer hormones, and less of every chemical involved with normal body and brain function. Even the psyche is affected leading to virtually any type of psychological problem, especially depression. How many people are told that they have psychological depression from a deficiency of a certain brain chemical?


Can you see that of course they are deficient in “happy” brain chemicals possibly due to the overcooling of the body?

It might be said that you are dying in direct proportion to the coldness of your body. Follow this logic: Cells degenerate and die in direct proportion to the depletion of oxygen. Blood that is overcooled from a cold core temperature is too thick to efficiently carry oxygen and the lung vital capacity is reduced leading to shallow breathing.

This means that the oxygen to carbon dioxide exchange rate in the lungs is minimal. Now combine the degenerative effects of the oxygen deprivation and the cold temperature and the fact that all of this and the overgrowth of microbes promote an acidic environment and you have greatly accelerated cellular degeneration and the onset of life-threatening disease.

There is an optimum body temperature is which all chemical reactions in the human body need in order to maintain health...98.6° F. I can honestly say that I rarely see a new patient come into my clinic with a normal body temperature. One 66 year old woman came in as a new patient with a temperature of 94.6! She was in dire straits for certain. She could not feel her feet and to touch her legs was like touching the legs of a corpse, the legs even looked dead and grey, streaked with blue/black veins of stagnant devitalized blood.

In classic hypothermia, as seen in people stranded in blizzards, it is well known that the circulation of blood in the arms and legs is reduced dramatically, almost to zero, in order to provide protection and warmth to the vital organs. These people will also cease to feel cold and will experience numbness, loss of coordination, mental confusion, and heart rhythm problems. It sounds like I am describing many elderly people, and some cancer sufferers doesn’t it?

One way to treat weather related hypothermia is to give the person warm sugar drinks. Sugar is a cheap, fast burning fuel for your body and therefore generates a lot of heat in the process. This may be why so many people suffering from lifestyle induced cold core temperature are plagued with sugar cravings.

Many of them consume copious amounts of sugar in the form of soda pops, chocolate, pastries, and various candies. It may be a craving that is driven by the body’s desire to generate fast heat to keep the body functioning. Sugar cravings should diminish as the core body temperature problems are resolved.

Keep in mind that the body has been too cold possibly since birth, due to multi-generational use of suppressive medicines, vaccines, fever-reducers, heavy metal and chemical toxins, and from the consumption of energetically dead food.

The retraining and resetting of the body’s thermostat is just the beginning of healing the body of chronic illnesses. The normal body temperature must be held steady possibly for a year or more in some cases before the body can undo the damage of a lifetime of coldness.

Understanding your Temperature

Everyone can afford a simple thermometer. Track your temperature when you first awaken in the morning, before even getting out of bed. This reflects your core body temperature, when it is not being influenced by what you just ate, drank, or your activity level. Many of you will likely be surprised to see just how cold you already are. This is the result of generations of suppressive therapies and an imbalanced life. You must save yourself.

Many doctors will undoubtedly say that you need to take a thyroid medication to bring up the body temperature; however this is the same mentality of taking a Tylenol for a headache. If you don’t believe me then ask anyone on the prescription thyroid medicines- what happens when they go off of the medication? The body returns immediately to the previous cold, hypo-functional condition.

One should definitely support the normal functioning of the thyroid, by detoxification, iodine and selenium (IodoPlus), adrenal glandular supplements, and nutritional support, but see the coldness for what it really is, a sign of multi-organ system breakdown, and longstanding or even generational imbalance. Besides, it is the hypothalamus that regulates your core body temperature, along with regulating your degree of motivation and sex drive. The hypothalamus is actually “upstream” from your thyroid, helping the pituitary regulate the thyroid.

The healthy body has daily temperature fluctuations (diurnal) with the coolest temperature upon awakening in the morning hours of 6-8 a.m. and the warmest being in the evening between 8-10 p.m. Tracking of the difference between morning and evening temperature should reveal, in a healthy person, a difference of at
least 0.9° F (0.5° C).

People with a low body temperature and an overall degenerative condition will find that this temperature variation is minimal. Another unusual finding of dysregulated body temperature is that the evening is often colder than the morning reading.

The body’s best chance at long-term healing increases in direct proportion to the restoration of normal body temperature. The effect of even the most perfectly selected medicines is limited by the available energy in the body to correctly utilize those medicines.

You and your healthcare team must address your body from every direction and with every balancing tool available. You can never truly overcome this condition with pills. Therapies must engage and reactivate and stimulate the rhythmical, metabolic, and nerve/sense aspects of your body, addressing the body, mind, and spirit.

Other supporting therapies designed for restoring the rhythms of the body must be applied. These therapies might include color and sound therapy, hot and cold contrast therapy, life-activity planning, breathing and voice therapy, rhythmical massage therapy, curative movement therapies, and indeed every other treatment from your doctor will address in some way the rhythmical aspects of your body.

Low body temperature must be addressed to bring the body back to balance. The temperature must be elevated to end the dying process of the body and to help the body eliminate the cellular debris or the “sludge” in the body.

Treatment Options:

· Temperature monitoring and graphing (upon awakening before getting out of bed, and between 8-10 pm after a 30 minute resting period)
· CRT (Computerized Regulation Thermography) for identifying problem areas and tracking of progress. 
·  Definitely have your doctor do a complete Thyroid Profile, including thyroid antibodies, and Reverse T3. Also ask your doctor to do a 24-hour Saliva Cortisol/DHEA/Female hormones test through DiagnosTechs Lab. Address any findings with bio-identical hormones and glandular support, such as Cytozyme-AD for the cortisol (Each pill has 2.5 mg of bioidentical cortisol), and for the Thyroid support for Hypothyroid consider ThyroGold (bovine glandular)...definitely not Synthroid. For female hormone support I suggest bio-identical Sotto Pelle pellets over any creams, pills, or troches.
Core Warmth™ herbal formula (Hansa Healing Products, Inc.) to open all meridians and restore proper fluid dynamics and warmth regulation in the body.
· Sleep on an Amethyst BioMat® from Richway, Inc., provides detoxification and restoration of fluid viscosity and core body warmth through variable infrared heat and negatively-charged ions from amethyst crystals.
· Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy…The best broad-spectrum Infrared saunas are Sunlighten Saunas, un-treated basswood sauna. The Sunlighten is one of the only companies that offer a full-spectrum of infrared wavelengths (Near, Mid, and Far infrared) that come with 6 preset programs that allow you to determine what health issue you want to target, from the comfort of your own home. You can use the preset programs to target, 1) Detoxification, 2) Pain relief, 3) Weight loss, 4) Cardio, 5) Relaxation, 6) Skin health.  These saunas are built to the highest industry standards for the most environmentally sensitive individuals, so there is virtually no outgassing smells and they emit virtually no harmful EMF pollution. Other manufacturers use plastic, hemlock and other materials that in the heat of the sauna can continue to out-gas chemical smells that can cause endocrine system interference, and often emit harmful amounts of EMF pollution. If you have a sauna already and are feeling badly while or after you sit in it, you might just be suffering from the dislodging of toxins in your body, however it could be that you are reacting to the wood or plastic of the sauna, or the emitted EMF pollution from the electronics in the sauna. The specific sauna we use at the Hansa Center is the Sunlighten six person, basswood, broad-spectrum sauna, equipped with Chromotherapy, and Acoustic Resonance Therapy (ART) to achieve even deeper and more profound healing. The healing music played for the Acoustic Resonance therapy in the sauna is frequency-enhanced tones that have been shown to harmonically optimize the cellular and potentially genetic functioning. Often we use Michael Tyrrell's Wholetones CD and have seen a "quantum leap" in our results. Obviously I am passionate about this form of healing. I am a big fan of combining multiple ways of facilitating health in the body. Medical Neurology has determined that the more ways we can therapeutically address and affect the nervous system, the more rapid, deeper and longer lasting the healing. So in this one therapy that you can do safely at home you get to sit relaxed, and enjoy the best infrared technology, color therapy (The sauna is bathed in an infinite range of colors of your choosing.), at the same time you are using therapeutic music that sends healing sound frequencies, such as 528 hertz, which is the same sound frequency used by genetic engineers to repair DNA!
· Natural-Bristle, Dry skin brushing morning and evening (Entire body)
· Detoxification Bath Therapy…4 cups Epson Salt 64oz. Hydrogen Peroxide 3% in warm bathtub. Soak for 20 minutes one bath per night before bedtime.
· Mustard foot bath (Hansa Healing Products, Inc.)… at least once per day, preferably in the morning or early afternoon.
· Solum Aesculus Oil (Uriel Pharmacy, Inc.)… This oil and essence is great for restoring the warmth organization of the body. They also are beneficial for chemical sensitivities, and those suffering from weather-change barometric-related sensitivities. The oil and essence are low odor products made by Uriel Pharmacy, Inc. This oil can be added to a bath for all over body application or be used as massage oil. May be applied as needed.
· Chiropractic spinal, pelvic, and cranial alignments combined with specific homeopathic, nutritional, glandular, and myofascial support using Bio-Resonance Scanning™, or other body circuit balancing technique…as dictated by your healthcare professional.
· PowerPlate®… work up to 20 minutes per day. (Or other movement therapies)
· Therapeutic Massage using various homeopathic and herbal ointments (Uriel Pharmacy, Inc.) and therapeutic essential oils (Young Living Essential Oils company)
· Dietary Changes… call the Hansa Center for Optimum Health (316-686-5900) for pamphlet on cooling foods and warming foods for restoring optimum body temperature.
· Learn to control the mind and emotions, see Hansa Center blogs (www.hansacenter.com) and Dr. Jernigan’s book, “Everyday Miracles by God’s Design”

For more advanced conditions add the following:
· Prescription-only, daily injections of Homeopathic, Viscum Album (Uriel Pharmacy, Inc.) as directed by your Healthcare Professional.
· Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy… Two 1-hour sessions per day for first 5 days, then two to three sessions per week thereafter.

For over 20 years the Hansa Center for Optimum Health, in Wichita, Kansas has specialized in the restoration of health for people with previously unresponsive and chronic illnesses of virtually all types. Over 85% of people come from other states and countries. If you have done everything you and your doctor know to do and are still struggling, contact our wonderful Patient Care Coordinator, Kara, at patientcare@hansacenter.com, for information on the exciting new treatments we have developed at the Hansa Center for Optimum Health. For additional info, visit our website at www.HansaCenter.com.

This article is for educational purposes. Before implementing any supplements/remedies always consult with your healthcare professional. Due to the complexity of the human condition there remains the possibility of symptoms getting worse. Again, discuss the ideas presented here with your health care professional before beginning, and stop, or get support, if your condition worsens. This information is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or mitigate any disease or illness, and has not been evaluated by the FDA. The Hansa Center does not treat named diseases, but seeks to restore the body's optimum structural and functional integrity so that the body can rapidly heal itself. 

*Due to the exhaustive time spent per day with each patient, and poor repayment history of insurance companies, we unfortunately cannot accept insurance assignment. We do participate in Care Credit, and accept all major credit cards. We will gladly accept insurance when our elected officials revamp the health insurance industry to cover all results-based care. We encourage you to vote with this in mind. Please call 316-686-5900 ext. 1, for current pricing for our economically-priced, All-inclusive 2-3 weeks intensive packages of care.


Unknown said...

Dr. Jernigan,
Do the warming foods also help heal cancerous conditions? Are there any other foods that help cancers get rid of toxins, or filter them--and the cancer cells themselves-- out of the blood? David Resser in Manhattan researched mushroom, seeded grape, and black walnut as antidotes for nightshade toxins which he related to toxins spawning his mother's breast cancer. (He also sprayed antibacterials and antifungals into her joints where sweat glands could carry these medicines deep into her body to fight the cancer forms. You told me this is close to pleiomorphic teachings.)(He and his mother got rid of her cancer but she died from complications of the diabetes brought on by chemo.)
Do you agree with the idea of foods to detoxify body so cancer can stop trying to help, relax and leave the system alone? If so, can you suggest other healing foods for cancer in general and prostate in particular? My father, 90, is letting his prostrate cancer take its course slowly with no special treatment. He eats high fiber, enjoys grapes,with occasional mushrooms and black walnuts but is losing muscle mass. Any suggestions for detoxing his cells and rebuilding muscle mass? Or is his non-intervention path too well-paved for him already? He won't come visit the Center, but is open to basic information if it's from a professional.
Thanks ever so much for your daily prayer actions in your work. nlssop2@gmail.com

Russell Moris said...

In some cases, natural thyroid supplements may be used in conjunction with antidepressants to aid in effectiveness of those drugs, or for other non-thyroid related uses, as determined by a physician.

Sue Jackson said...

This was a very interesting post. I have had CFS for 9 years and my son for 7 years. Since then, "normal" body temp for both of us is usually around 97.5. I knew that low body temp was characteristic for CFS but it never occurred to me that it might have ill effects in and of itself. We are both also having trouble getting rid of recent Lyme infections.

One thing doesn't make sense to me, though. Both my son and I always FEEL hot, despite our lower-than-normal body temps. Drinking hot tea makes me feel unbearably warm, and I have a closet full of heavy sweaters that I haven't worn in years. I know this temperature dysregulation is all a part of our endocrine dysfunction (which is a known part of CFS), but if I already feel too hot, it seems counter-intuitive to make myself feel even hotter.

Also, people with CFS have orthostatic intolerance, so any sort of heat treatment (sauna, hot bath, etc.) makes us feel very sick because the heat dilates the blood vessels, making it even more difficult than usual for our bodies to circulate blood properly to heart and brain.

It seems to be a paradox...as is much of CFS!

Thank you for the thought-provoking post.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this info. My temp.today was 94.6, and I am lifeless. I do have the CFIDS dx, fibromyalgia, and Lyme disease. I heat up a lot accompanied by much uncomfortable flushing where I get red as if a hot flash, but it is different from a menopause hot flash. Happens most when blindsided by stress. Do you have any thoughts about how to stop this horrible flushing and feelings of overheating? Overheating but a 94.6 temp!

Biologix Center said...

Without seeing you I cannot know for certain what is going on with your situation. I would suggest having your doctor test your "Whole Blood Histamine" and do a full "Iron Profile" as well as testing your "Copper" levels.

Anonymous said...

Is this related to Wilson's thyroid temperature syndrome WTS?

Anonymous said...

Very nice post, impressive. its quite different from other posts. Thanks for sharing.

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