Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Your Treatments Should Work With The Latest Science-Nobel Prize Winning Doctor

If you have any chronic health problem, Lyme disease, or any other infection, read this tip. The body is not just a bunch of chemicals that somehow bump into each other and everything just works.

The nervous system is now understood to be too slow for it to be what runs everything. A nerve impulse can only travel from 2-400 miles per hour, depending on how big the nerve is. This is way too slow to be what enables your body to adapt instantly to the innumerable changes that are happening inside and outside of your body. The nerves sense pain, position, and obvious regulate many of our five senses but not much else.

So what runs the "behind-the-scenes" myriad of functions in the body? The body is more "fiber optic" than neurological in its regulation. Biophotonic light transmissions run the body. The light of the body is not just an "On" or "Off" type of light. The light of the body contains the dynamic, software information that is modified as needed by every cell.

Our body is really, on an energetic level, a condensation of energy of many types.

How important is this knowledge? Noble Prize laureate, Luc Montagnier, Ph.D, discovered that certain bacterial and viral DNA sequences dissolved in water causes electromagnetic signals to be emitted at high dilutions. Now, new results from his lab appear to show that the DNA sequence itself could be reconstituted FROM THE ELECTROMAGNETIC SIGNAL!

So if you have been sold the antibiotic mentality of "kill the bug," consider this next fact. Dr. Montagnier's team added all the individual ingredients necessary for synthesizing (making) DNA by the polymerase chain reaction – nucleotides, primers, polymerase enzyme - to the tube with the pure water that had gained the bacterial electromagnetic signal.

The electromagnetic signal caused all the ingredients to become arranged into a strand of DNA!!!

A DNA band of the expected size (104 bp) was found. It was 98 percent identical to the sequence of bacterial DNA from which the EM signals originated (only 2 out of 104 basepairs were different).

The experiment was highly reproducible, 12 out of 12 times; and was also repeated with another DNA sequence from the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi, the agent of Lyme disease.

The idea is that the bacteria and viruses can be reconstituted, even after they were killed by antibiotics, just from the electromagnetic signals imprinted in the crystalline-matrix and fluids of your body! This is likely why people seem to get repeatedly "reinfected."

So from this I hope you see, it is very important that if you can manipulate the gene energetically, you can change gene expression (MTHFR and others), but see also that everything you put into your body (vaccines/toxic medicines) also can also shift our entire gene pool!

This electromagnetic signaling is part of the body's "software," the "organizing principle" I have been talking about in these Health tips. These electromagnetic signals control and regulate not only the growth of bacteria and viruses, but also control and regulate every tissue and concept of life in the body, and mind.

If we stop thinking in such a pieces-and-parts mentality, such as we do about the engine of a car, where parts can be exchanged, taken out, or fixed by a mechanic, and start understanding that our body is a dynamic software program, with practically rivers of energy flowing in many different directions, we can begin to understand that pain and dysfunction is often created when there is a dam to the flow of energetic information through the body, or there is corrupted software.

While we still cannot fix everything, this is definitely one of the exciting things about the treatments we do at the Hansa Center, through our special testing, BioResonance Scanning, we can identify much of what is interfering with the software of the body and once corrected, through inputting "corrective software" in the form of frequency-matched, homeopathic and botanical remedies, low-level lasers, bioenergetic treatments... the pain and dysfunction often fall away, and even potentially the "organizing principle" of bacteria can be rewritten to enable the bio-energetic aspect of the body to eliminate them.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, you might consider coming to the Hansa Center. Our doctors and staff do not want you for a "life-time" patient. We don't want you to have to take fistfuls of supplements for the rest of your life. We want to bring to bear the maximum applied effort and science, to gently, yet definitely help facilitate your body's ability to get you out of your illness as quickly as possible. This is not "cookbook doctoring." It is not doctoring following some "famous" doctor's protocol. It is dynamic testing and treatments that are hyper-tailored to your body's specific needs.

The ideal doctor is not a specialist in diseases, but one who understands disease, yet specializes in restoring what is optimum.

If you have done everything you and your doctors know to do and are still struggling please call and talk with Kara, our wonderful and compassionate Patient Care Coordinator, directly by calling 316-686-5900 ext.1, or have a private live chat on our webpage, or you can email her at

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