Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Common Double-Standard in Healthcare: Medical-vs-Natural

Believe it or not, about twenty-five years ago I used to think that all the good science was in mainstream medicine. Many people still believe it is true and that natural medicine is just "flower-child folklore."

The truth is that there is good science in both conventional medicine and natural medicine. The general public would be shocked to know that the education curriculum to become a Doctor of Chiropractic is almost identical, and often exceeds that of a medical doctor. (See comparison here:
The primary difference is the application of that science and each side's fundamental treatment philosophy. Both can order and use the same lab tests, MRI's, CT scans, and the full gamut of diagnostic tests.

Again the difference being that at the end of the day, no matter what named diagnosis you are given, it boils down to how are you going to correct the structure, integrity, and function of the body.

There often seems to be a double standard in some people’s opinion of the different systems of healthcare. If a person does badly with conventional medicine, the doctor or the multiple doctors seen are often viewed as heroes anyway, since they did the “best that they could.” Unfortunately, often if the same person, whose body is now often completely trashed from the previous medical treatments, later goes to a doctor practicing natural medicine and again does badly, then that doctor is worthy of being crucified. Thankfully, our doctors have so many different ways to treat the chronically ill person that we are still able to help the vast majority of people even though they are severely sick.

Both systems of healthcare, allopathic/conventional medicine and natural treatments, have their successes and failures. Both strive to utilize the best of science, from their unique perspective. Both types of doctors are highly trained. In the end, you must study each one's methods and treatment philosophy to come to a decision of how you want your body treated.

Many people listen to "Lay Healers" on the internet who claim to know the cure for everything that ails you, and for virtually no money. Some of these lay people have some good knowledge and help people find information and remedies that can result in dramatic results. However, the more chronic, and the more systems of your body that have been damaged, the more you will need to find a board-certified doctor, natural or conventional to help guide your body out of the myriad of problems.

A hammer is a great tool...nothing drives nails better. However, if you need to build a house, you will need more than just a hammer. Almost everyone can use a hammer, a saw, a screw driver, but if you want a piece of fine furniture, it is only a master craftsman that can use all of those same tools and create a real masterpiece. The same is true in the tools a doctor uses to heal you. If the only tool your medical doctor has is drugs, then he will only be able to do what drugs can do.

A doctor of Chiropractic approaches dysfunction in the person, armed with many tools to fully address everything that can go wrong in the body and mind. At the Hansa Center our doctors have mastery with using over 70 different healing tools, which is why we enjoy so many successes where conventional medicine failed.

This mastery is not from just reading on the internet and going to weekend workshops, but is the result of years of training and many more years of post-grad training, not to mention many years of applying what they have learned while treating many thousands of people.

So while it is easy to sit behind the computer screen and slam doctors who have trained virtually their entire adult life, it is quite a different thing when someone puts their life and their savings in your hands and asks you to help them. It is not as easy to sit face to face with cases that none of the greatest minds in conventional medicine could help.

Money doesn't buy health. Unfortunately money doesn't buy a successful outcome. Money pays for your doctor's knowledge, tools, and best effort to help you undo what has been done, and sometimes for all of our best tools and knowledge we still cannot determine how to correct what has gone wrong. Unfortunately health insurance companies will only pay for healthcare designed for the masses. Insurance pays only if you want to get in and get out as fast as possible and get the standard "run of the mill" pharmaceutical solutions. Most of the best conventional or natural doctors/clinics do not accept insurance because insurance will not cover the hour long visits and maximally applied effort these doctors have to spend on the severely sick person.

It is an imperfect world in which we should all strive to do our best.

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