Monday, November 24, 2014

Could this get rid of your pain?

Pain is always caused by an interference in the movement of information/energy through the body. Although doctors can correctly explain pain as a biochemical issue, caused by the release of the neuropeptide called Substance P, recent advances in our understanding of the energetic nature of the human body shows time after time that pain can be relieved often instantly when the blockages of electromagnetic energy are cleared.

This is amazing to see in the treatment room. A young man just came to the Hansa Center with 46 major symptoms, one of which was severe (10 out of 10), splintering, boring pain in all the long bones of his arms and legs that had been constant for over three years. When I determined the correct remedy to address the energetic blockages the pain was, to his amazement, instantly gone! 

The remedy was a homeopathic remedy with no substance in it...just the energy-imprint of a substance. The interesting thing is that the remedy was only needed for the one dose, yet the pain has remained completely gone for over two years now, this after years of narcotic-type pain killers that didn't work.

There was another man who had cut off his thumb in a farming accident years prior, who came to the Hansa Center. The stump of his thumb was so painful that if he accidentally banged it on something, especially if he carelessly put his hand in his pants pocket, the pain would be so bad that he would pass out. Again, one I corrected the bioenergetic regulation of the stump and scar all of the pain was instantly and permanently gone! He mashed on the stump with his other hand, in amazement that there was no pain.

Understanding how the body works energetically and how the body, mind, and spirit must be able the
communicate and function dynamically and coherently is important to have rapid relief and lasting relief. There are so many ways and reasons for a person to have energetic bioregulation and biocommunication problems. Obviously there are times when the tissues have been so damaged that we still cannot correct it, however, hopefully this post gives you a better understanding of the potential for dramatic and often permanent relief now that we understand more about the energetic nature of the body. 

One of the most popular pain ointments in natural medicine is Arnica ointment. Arnica demonstrates a fascinating lesson in the energetic aspect of pain. When we get a bruise, there is a congestion of blood under the skin that interferes with the flow of biophotonic and other electromagnetic energy through the bruised area. Arnica is very high in nano-particle silica. When you rub Arnica ointment on the bruise the silica soaks into the tissue and helps restore the movement of energy through the congestion of the bruise and pain improves.

Pain can be caused by structural, biochemical, mental/emotional/environmental stressors, and bioenergetic problems. Finding and correcting all of the potential blockages is the challenge we face at the Hansa Center for Optimum Health everyday with every person. This is also why it requires multiple visits to problem solve very longstanding and complicated cases. Health and healing often seems to be like a complex combination lock. You might have have all the right numbers but in the wrong order and the lock will not open. 

Pain may not be your lot in life! Let us see if we can help you!

For over 20 years the Hansa Center for Optimum Health, in Wichita, Kansas has specialized in the restoration of health for people with previously unresponsive and chronic illnesses of virtually all types. Over 85% of people come from other states and countries. If you have done everything you and your doctor know to do and are still struggling, contact our wonderful Patient Care Coordinator, Kara, at, for information on the exciting new treatments we have developed at the Hansa Center for Optimum Health. For additional info, visit our website at

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