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Addressing Ammonia Toxicity from Lyme Disease, MS, ALS, Parkinson's, and Autism

Lyme disease, MSALSParkinson'sAutism, and many other chronic illnesses...have been shown to have ammonia accumulating in the brain and tissues. It is imperative to the healing process that you and your doctor address the ammonia at the same time as you are addressing the cause of the ammonia...the Lyme bacteria, through the Borrelia burgdorferi production of urease enzyme!

Hyperammonemia (Excess accumulation of ammonia in the brain and tissues of the body) in combination with cerebral venous circulation disturbances, microbial issues and metabolic pathway dysfunction are largely unaddressed components that cause muscle weakness, muscle wasting, profound fatigue, mitochondria damage, tremors, brain dysfunction, depersonalization, depression, neuropathy, and muscle fasciculations (involuntary movements of muscles) seen in MS, ALS, and Parkinson's disease. Of course, poor oral bite/TMJ dynamics, environmental electro-polution,  dental mercury and environmental heavy metals, dietary and environmental toxins, also play an important role in the development of these illnesses, however this article focuses on the huge problem of excess ammonia. Stopping the accumulation of ammonia often stops the progression of these illnesses.

Other significant causes of excess ammonia production are SIBO gut microbial infections, such as H. Pylori bacterial infections, as well as other secondary sources that can add to the load of ammonia, such as Candida-type yeast which catabolize dietary amino-acids into ammonia in the gut. Another cause of excessive ammonia is chronic liver dysfunction, as well as chronic kidney dysfunction.

Ammonia is very alkaline at an 11.6 pH. Many doctors have been taught that most sick people have acidic bodies. The reality is not that simple. People may be predominantly acidic, their urine and saliva may be acidic, but they are also extremely alkaline in the areas of ammonia accumulation. Lyme disease is a game changer when it comes to the acid/alkalinity of the body. 

This is why many people worsen when they drink alkalinized water, or are given dietary recommendations such as fresh fruits and vegetables which most often work to alkalinize the body. (No, this is not permission to go back to junk food or processed foods that are acid-promoting!) It appears that alkalinizing these people is only aggravating the already over-alkaline ammonia regions of their body, the brain, heart and liver. The ammonia conditions must be cleared before addressing the more acidic regions of their body! Click on this hyperlink to read more on ways to change your diet to help minimize the symptoms of ammonia.

We can extrapolate from the fact that Lyme bacteria seem to thrive in the highly alkaline environment created by ammonia (11.6 pH), that it is not going to work to attempt to kill the bacteria through drinking highly alkaline water, or eating alkaline-promoting diets. Once the Lyme bacteria and ammonia issues are addressed adequately then yes, an alkaline promoting diet is best.

"Souring the Milk!" Making the Body an Inhospitable Home for Bacteria to Overgrow!

It is almost impossible to culture Lyme bacteria in a lab setting if the growth medium in the petri dish is not just right, or if the temperature or pH is not just right. So from this we can see that Borrelia burgdorferi are not invincible monsters that absolutely cannot be beaten. 

The challenge then is to "sour the milk" or shift your body's internal environment to one that makes survival very difficult for the bacteria. Correcting the hyperammonemia (high ammonia) issue can help achieve a less hospitable environment for the bacteria, making your other antibacterial efforts possibly more effective.

Not everything can be done with remedies, especially the longer you have been sick. The longer one has been sick, the more skill that will be required to successfully facilitate the body's ability to completely heal. It has been my experience that the sicker you are, the longer you have been sick, the more organs and systems of your body that have been damaged, the less likely you can successfully navigate through all the possible treatment options by yourself at home. The remedies I list below can definitely help you, however it may be wise to seek professional help with all the issues going on beyond eliminating bacteria and ammonia.

A Screwdriver Cannot Cut Wood. Antibiotics Cannot Correct Tissue Damage! Using the Correct Tools for the Job.

You must use the correct tool for the job. Diet, combined with full-spectrum infrared sauna therapy, remedies, nutrition, hands on treatments, and so much more are needed to optimize the body's ability to bring down the population of bacteria, and eliminate the ammonia. 

Most people just want to take some remedies at home and feel better. I understand that, however if you don't feel better it does not mean the remedies are not working, it means there is too much else going on, (such as damaged, inflamed, and irritated tissues) for simply removing the ammonia to correct. 

Remember, ammonia is a toxin. We call things toxins because they damage tissues. It is like burning your finger on the stove. You immediately jerk your hand off the flame, but the burn and pain remains. So simply eliminating the ammonia will not always instantly get rid of the damage to the tissues or the symptoms. This is why the doctors at the Hansa Center have developed dozens of new ways to facilitate the body's ability to restore the correct (optimum) functioning of these damaged tissues, right down to the areas of broken biochemistry.

Also, until the bacteria are brought under control, they continue to produce more ammonia, so getting rid of the ammonia will be an ongoing process until your body can successfully beat down the Lyme bacteria. To help the body eliminate the cause of the ammonia, the bacteria, I developed three different formulas, the first of which I presented compelling research for at the International Tick-Borne Diseases Conference in New York City. 

Although no natural formula is cleared by the FDA to treat or cure any named illness, we can make "structure and function" claims for natural formulations. These formulas are not natural antibiotics. They work to enable the body's own defenses to kill the huge numbers if you read the research. 

  1. Eliminate the source of ammonia, the bacteria
  2. Eliminate the ammonia, through ammonia-specific supplements
  3. Support the organs of elimination
Eliminating the Source of ammonia, the bacteria:
I would recommend discussing with your healthcare professional, starting with Borrelogen™ at 1 dropper 2-3 times a day for one bottle, or as they recommend. Depending upon your response, you can the ask your healthcare professional about switching over to Lymogen™ if you need a change, at the same dosage or as they recommend. The successes our doctors have enjoyed at the Hansa Center for 20 years are largely around these remedies, although when you come you might not test as needing any of these formulas that I developed. Our testing helps us identify specifically what your unique body needs, which is why we carry over 3000 natural remedies from all the best companies to test you with in each treatment room.

No matter what way you choose to enable the killing of the Lyme bacteria, conventional antibiotics or natural remedies, you definitely need to deal with the toxic ammonia. As I have discussed, most medicines and remedies will not cross the blood-brain-barrier (BBB). 

Eliminating the Ammonia:
I traveled to Brazil to search for botanicals from the Amazon that might effectively clear ammonia from the body. I have been to huge plant specimen repositories, and tested large collections of medicinal substances from the world of Chinese medicine, not to mention testing everything I can get my hands on from standard botanical and homeopathic arsenals. There are only two botanicals out of everything I have tested that consistently work and have been verified either by laboratory experiments or by Functional Acuity Contrast Testing (FACT) of the toxins interference in the brain. 

These two botanicals are Silphium laciniatum leaf extract, and Hibiscus sabdarifa leaf extract. I developed the Silphium into a stand alone extract called, "Silphitrin" and enhanced its effectiveness in the NeuroAntitox II Formulas. The Hibiscus sabdarifa leaf extract is available as a stand alone remedy, that can be taken at the same time as the NeuroAntitox Formula or by itself.

When your healthcare professional finds ammonia is not just in the typical Lyme presentation of the liver, heart, brain, and jaws, but is found all over the body, such as is the case with almost all MS and ALS sufferers, then I would suggest using L-Ornithine/L-Aspertate. L-Ornithine/L-Aspertate used to be a German prescription drug called Hepamertz, that was used for the same purpose of helping reduce the ammonia seen in severe liver diseases. It is now available as a supplement. In that L-Ornithine/L-Aspartate does not work as well as the NeuroAntitox II Formula, it is recommended that they be taken together.

Our Hansa Center doctors are trained to also target and suppress the production of urease by the bacteria to help eliminate the ammonia.

Consult with your natural healthcare professional before starting any new supplement. A general recommendation for the SilphitrinHibiscus, or NeuroAntitox II Formula is 1-3 droppers, 2-3 times a day, with or without food. 

The Silphitrin and NeuroAntitox II Basic Formulas can be used in a soaking bath, for those whose digestive systems do not handle remedies and medicines well. The bath instructions are on the label of the bottle. Soak your body no more than 20 minutes in warm water, not hot water. 

Support the Organs of Elimination:
If one studied all the various supplements that support the detoxification and elimination organs it would rapidly be clear that you could spend hundreds of dollars on many different types of products. I have found that Metacrin-DX by Apex Energetics, Inc. is a gentle yet powerful product to support phase-1 and phase 2 of the liver detoxification pathways. 

Fiber is another important component of supporting proper bowel movements and the removal of toxins. Fiber acts like a sponge in the intestines, so I recommend Chewable Total Fiber by Nutriwest, Inc. It is better to have a somewhat dry sponge that can soak up poisonous cellular debris, than to drag a wet rag through the gut, like many fiber products that are mixed in water. 

Drink plenty of purified water everyday to help support cellular function and to support the rapid clearing of toxins. Most people are dehydrated, often even when they drink a lot of water, because they have destroyed the membranes responsible for fluid transportation, impairing the body's ability to  effectively distribute water to the tissues. When the membranes are damaged, a person will often drink copious amounts of water, yet most of the water is rapidly urinated out. This leads to stagnation and dehydration in the tissues and organs, which can be addressed by using a product called Gather Vitality, by K'an Herbs, Inc. 

Juicing your own green drinks or getting them from your local health food store is another vitally important step in supporting the organs of elimination. My favorite recipe juicing recipe:

  • One organic cucumber, 
  • Two to three leaves and stalks each of organic kale and rainbow chard, 
  • One organic Granny Smith apple, 
  • One organic whole lime, 
  • A small bunch of parsley or cilantro. 
It tastes great and is a power packed, nutrient dense infusion that supports the organs and enables them to have the strength to detox more effectively. Remember, asking the body to detox is asking the body to work very hard, often when the body is already very fatigued. You cannot or should not do any detoxification without also giving the body extra support to do the work. Juicing fresh organic fruits and veggies is not just nutrient rich, but is also rich in the vital energy of the plants. 

Another great way to increase cellular energy is to take Berberine w/ MicroPQQ and CoQ10

A Huge Help for Those with Any Illness

For those people who are profoundly drained of energy, cannot handle oral supplements well, are dehydrated, or have poor detoxification abilities, I highly recommend you use your internet search engine and find a I.V. hydration clinic in your area that offers nutritional I.V.'s called Myer's Cocktails. I advise adding 1000 to 2000 mg of Glutathione and extra Vitamin C. This can be done weekly to monthly depending upon your condition. These clinics are usually very easy to get into, often without an appointment or a doctor's prescription, and most are staffed by highly-qualified Nurse Practitioners. 

Core Body Temperature Issues

If your primary symptoms are not severe brain issues, such as seen in MS, Parkinson's, or ALS, then you definitely want to invest in a Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna for your personal use. Virtually no other device can shift the internal environment of your body than one of these saunas! Lyme bacteria cause the body to overcool. People with chronic LD often report that their body temperature is very low. If you are ever 96.5 or below, you are in real trouble and need to take this seriously. Every system of the body is energetically working on fumes and getting more toxic by the day as the body fluids, such as the lymph fluid, turn into a gel. 

There is a new way to do sauna therapy that quadruples its healing effects. The Sunlighten Saunas now have the options for Acoustic Resonance TherapyChromotherapy, Full-spectrum Infrared waves, 6-preset wellness programs, and a proprietary cream that enhances sweating in those tough to sweat areas!  These saunas are a long way from the boring saunas of old. They even offer a biofeedback option! These saunas are made for people with extreme sensitivities. The six-person Sunlighten Basswood saunas are the ones we use at the Hansa Center, and the smaller units are perfect for healing at home.

The Hansa Center Difference:
This article outlines the very basics of addressing toxicity in the body. I cannot do justice to the incredible complexity of what each of our doctors can bring to bear upon each person's case who comes to the Hansa Center. We have found that it is best to start with a two-week, all-inclusive package of care that enables us to apply maximum effort in daily hour long office visits with the doctor to really dig down and identify everything we can that has gone wrong in a person's body and determine unique ways to facilitate their body's ability to restore optimum function. This hyperlink is an effort to give you an idea of what the first few days of treatment at the Hansa Center would be like.

Read more about ammonia issues as well as facilitating the body's ability to heal from neurological damage from Lyme disease and other degenerative illnesses.

Click here to listen to a lecture Dr. Jonathan Streit of the Hansa Center gave on the topic of ammonia issues in the body.

The doctors and staff at the Hansa Center have a passion for restoring health! Let us help you get back to real life. If you have questions about coming to the Hansa Center call 316-686-5900 ext. 1 and you will receive true caring. We believe that the sign of good treatment should be that you feel better quickly, and we definitely do not adhere to the belief that you must feel worse before you feel better. Our goal is to help restore God's perfect design and function of every aspect of your body so that your body can heal itself, and stay well!

For over 20 years the Hansa Center for Optimum Health, in Wichita, Kansas has specialized in the restoration of health for people with previously unresponsive and chronic illnesses of virtually all types. Over 85% of people come from other states and countries. If you have done everything you and your doctor know to do and are still struggling, contact our wonderful Patient Care Coordinator, Kara, at, for information on the exciting new treatments we have developed at the Hansa Center for Optimum Health. For additional info, visit our website at

This article is for educational purposes. Before implementing any supplements/remedies always consult with your healthcare professional. Due to the complexity of the human condition there remains the possibility of symptoms getting worse. Again, discuss the ideas presented here with your health care professional before beginning, and stop, or get support, if your condition worsens. This information is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or mitigate any disease or illness, and has not been evaluated by the FDA. The Hansa Center does not treat named diseases, but seeks to restore the body's optimum structural and functional integrity so that the body can rapidly heal itself. 

*Due to the exhaustive time spent per day with each patient, and poor repayment history of insurance companies, we unfortunately cannot accept insurance assignment. We do participate in Care Credit, and accept all major credit cards. Share

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