Saturday, June 27, 2009

Everyday Miracles

The inspiration for this book arose from a sense of knowingness that everyone on the planet needs to be empowered with the knowledge that God’s Word is true and that the latest scientific endeavors are continually reaffirming this fact!

What I know to be true is that as my family, and others with whom we have shared this knowledge, practice the truths laid forth in this book, the miracles are stacking up. From the complete healing of my eleven-year-old daughter’s paralysis of both legs from West Nile Virus, to instantaneously fixing broken computers, printers and automobiles we are finding the “little miracles” are becoming commonplace and too numerous to recall.
Only the “bigger ones” remain in memory – although we thank God for all blessings big and small.

All of us are on a journey that has no end, but with the correct destination, the journey is empowering the farther along we go. Everyday Miracles by God’s Design is not the end all dissertations on how to experience the miraculous,“more than abundant life” promised us by God. It is a guide.

I believe the contents of this book are divinely inspired! I am not a theologian trained in hallowed halls of stone and brick. I am what the Word of God says I am…a worthy Son of God, heir to all that God is and joint-heir with Christ.

Open your mind and heart to what God is saying. I have purposely focused this book on God’s light and love. You will find no “fire and brimstone” because I want and God wants for you to operate in His “perfect love” without fear and without condemnation. If you will walk in the light as God is in the light, a tremendous miracle will happen… all fear will evaporate.

Great efforts were made to accurately interpret  throughout this book, based upon the ancient and original text of the Holy Bible, the prior usage of the words, the context of the reference, and most importantly by opening my heart and mind and simply asking God to show me and teach me His truth.

I have provided the scripture references in the body of the text so that you can immediately see that what I am saying is backed up by God’s Word in the Bible.

Each time I read this book, I am overwhelmed by thelig ht of God’s love emanating from the text. It
was never hidden, but the real “how to” of living a miracle filled life is revealed here again in God’s words.

This book is short enough to read virtually every day. I encourage you to work the concepts in this book by purposely and consciously taking it apart piece by piece and meditating on it. Integrate each aspect into every day.

What we know is that God’s Word has a mathematical and scientific precision. To leave out anything is to destroy this precision. As you practice these keys presented herein,you will find that God will develop in you a sense of “knowingness” so you can always know, beyond the ability of your five senses to know, when you are de-powering Him in your life. Cultivate this knowingness and you will know what works and what is required for you to manifest God’s power in your life.

Everyday Miracles by God’s Design is written to and for all, from no particular religious denomination or theology other than being based upon the right-use-ness (right application to righteousness) of God’s Word, referenced through The Holy Bible. It is a path that all can follow who seek to know God better. It is also a guide to reaching our highest level of spiritual achievement (the Greek word, teleioteta), meaning
“perfection,” as spoken of in Mark 6:1 -perfect love.

I am so excited for you! Read it a hundred times if necessary and be empowered with God’s light and love.

I pray that the eyes of your understanding be enlightened and that your heart be empowered with the knowledge to reach ever greater spiritual maturity as a child of God.

May God be glorified in this work.

David A. Jernigan

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