Saturday, August 15, 2009

Medicine-Induced Illness

One of my “All-time” favorite newspaper cartoons pictured a doctor handing a patient a bottle of pills. The caption read, “Take one of these…and if you wake up in the morning, take another!”

All humor aside, I want to pass on a medical truth that very few doctors even realize.

Every medicine’s primary side-effect is also its primary action!

The primary side-effect of an antidepressant is depression and suicidal tendencies. Your insomnia medicine’s primary side-effect is sleeplessness. The same is true for many natural medicines, which is a shocker to many people!

The truth is that even if a medicine is perfect for “curing” what is wrong with you, as it is fixing things in the body eventually you reach the point where the correction is complete and you should discontinue the medicine.

If you continue the remedy beyond the point of completion you literally go through the correction and out the other side and you will start manifesting an energetic “computer virus” that causes many of the same symptoms again.

This is why it is important to treat the cause and not the symptoms. If you treat the symptoms, such as treating pain with a pain-killer, you will be a slave to the pain-killers forever since they really don’t fix anything, and not only that but they will eventually start causing pain!

When you treat the cause, instead of the symptom, then your doctor should be able to test you and eventually find that you can stop the medicine. It has done what it can do and taking more of the medicine will just lead to more symptoms again.

Is it any wonder the world is so messed up and addicted to legal prescription drugs? The more you take them the more you feel you need them! Share

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