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The "Thoughts" of TEAM

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The TEAM Equation
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In previous blog posts I have sought to provide you with the practical “how to” information necessary in order to literally be transformed in every aspect of your body, mind, and spirit. These posts expand the principles laid forth in the book, Everyday Miracles by God’s Design.

If you truly realize who you are as a Divine being and apply these principles from the purity of God's light and love working in and through you, “…nothing will be impossible for you…and…nothing by any means will be able to hurt you!”

The TEAM equation is both simple and profoundly powerful. I am going to explain the simplicity of each step down over the next few blog posts.

The T+E+A=M Equation
(Thoughts + Emotions + Action = Manifestation)


Delight thyself also in God: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

Thoughts don’t have much energy of their own. We can say any thought without emotion and it has very little life to it. In and of themselves, thoughts are flat and monotone. However, do not get the idea that thoughts don’t have much to do with manifesting. Our thoughts identify what it is that we want. Thoughts establish the intention of our wants.

Our intention/thoughts must not waver if we desire to manifest anything. Imagine how ineffective you would be if your thoughts continually wavered between wanting something, then not wanting it in the next instant, then wanting it but not believing you can have it, then wishing someone would tell you that you can have it, but not trusting them to tell you the truth, then modifying what you want into something less than what you really want in an effort to make it where you really can believe you can have it! This was difficult even to write!

The focused thought of absolutely what we want is imperative to the successful manifesting of what is wanted. The structure of your wants must use only positive phrasing. So rather than thinking something like, “I want for this bad situation not to happen” which sounds positive but is doomed to only manifest more of the bad situation.

A better phrase would be to establish the opposite of what is NOT wanted and say, “I want this good situation or better, under grace in a perfect way for all concerned.

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Unknown said...

What if it is not a good situation in any way. Why would I say 'I want this situation?' even 'if only better', is tacked on the end of it.