Saturday, September 12, 2009

The “A” Action Step of T+E+A=M

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“A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. Let him not think that he will receive anything.”

Most people might agree that the word “Action” by definition indicates that one is actively doing things.

Hear me now!

The Action step of the TEAM equation is walking forward in the complete expectation that what you set forward in T+E is already done and will manifest in perfect timing.

The action step of the TEAM equation is to walk in the complete expectation that it is done, not hoping it is done, since if we are hoping then we are in a “wait and see” mode, just in case the equation doesn’t work we wont be disappointed.

Believing is superior to hoping in this type situation. Believing is a heart-knowingness that the effect of (T+E) is already done unless we keep changing our mind for what we want!

It is ingrained within our DNA by society to always need to know “how” what we want is going to come to pass. Leave the HOW up to God.

In considering when you will receive that which you with great emotion, want, we cannot perceive time as we have learned to experienced it, as the progressive ticking of a clock and base our expectation of how something will be manifested, based upon only events and people in the here and now but also expand our consciousness to include all time…past, present, and future, and from all dimensions moving dynamically to bring about the manifestation in miraculous fashion!

Avoid putting arbitrary timing and conditions as to when you expect the manifestation. For instance, I had a woman who I spoke with on a phone consultation. She said, “Oh Dr. Jernigan I just don’t understand why God has not answered my prayer to give me a husband. I have been praying for years. I just know that if you would pray for me to get a husband it would happen! But I don’t want a husband until I am completely healthy.”

My response to her was, “Notice that you canceled out the manifestation of your prayer by placing the limits of time and conditions.” I went on to say, “If you knew that you could ask what you want and it would be done, and nothing would be impossible for you…then why not pray for your perfect husband who loves you so much that it heals you and he loves you through your illness into health or at least in the most perfect way and in the most perfect timing?”

Action still connotes movement. Action is not a state of being. Action is not sitting on the sofa waiting for your “ship to come in.” Action is a state of moving forward in the expectation that as you move in the direction and do the things necessary to achieve what you want, doors will open and opportunities will present themselves which you will marvel at how easy and fluidly things are occurring.

Men would do well to learn to apply the T+E+A=M more instead of allowing the testosterone to flow, and feeling that they must kick the closed doors open and force their wants into reality.
Remember, we are all running the TEAM equation either purposely or through the default of ignorance and getting more of what we want or more of what we don’t want!

Stay tuned, there is still more to learn in order to effectively utilize the TEAM equation!

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