Friday, January 11, 2013

Lyme Disease - Damage from Infection & Treatments

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My sixth tip on Lyme disease deals with the realities of damage due to infection and also from treatments.

I have made the analogy of LD being like having termites in the wall of your house. You can kill the termites (Lyme bacteria) but it does nothing to repair the damage already done to the wood of your house (body). Any stiff wind can further damage your now weakened house.

People come to the Hansa Center from all over the world. They are damaged often beyond repair from the illness and the previous aggressive treatments.
At the Hansa Center, we do not specialize in the treatment of diseases, such as Lyme disease. We are never saying thus saith me you have Lyme bacteria and we are going to give you such and such remedy and kill the bugs for your body. We specialize in facilitating the restoration of what can be restored.

We definitely do not represent here on Facebook, or anywhere else, that we can get everyone well, nor keep everyone well. We are not God, nor do we desire to play God.
What we represent is what we believe is the most ideal way to facilitate the body's ability to heal. We cannot make any guarantee except that we will do all we can to undo the damage and relieve the suffering to the best of our ability.

There is no arrogance in Biological Medicine, just the humbleness of knowing how limited all of us in health care are in the total scheme of things.

This is the healing philosophy that I would suggest if you were my mother, sister, brother, wife, child, and a matter of fact it is what they all have benefited from over the last twenty years.
Almost 100% of our patients have experienced the full gamut of huge amounts of antibiotics and show the damage, possibly permanent damage as a result. This damage may predispose them to recurrent infections, to say the least.
I feel that often people make less than optimal health care choices at the front end of their illness that set the tone for the rest of their lives. They then are greatly upset when we cannot put them back together. Better to adopt a more rounded treatment approach from the start, that may indeed include a short period of antibiotics, but carefully selected and balanced with the natural treatment techniques and philosophy expounded by those trained in Biological Medicine.

I am writing these Health tips in order for people who are chronically ill and have been damaged from the illness and possibly their treatments, to do more than just "kill the termites", but to "repair the wood" so they can have the most secure "house" possible. I also hope that those people who took a different path with less than optimal results might be able to advise others who are just diagnosed with an alternate path that might just help eliminate much needless suffering.

If you live outside of the State of Kansas and are considering coming to the Hansa are not alone...over 90% of our patients come from other states and countries. Talk with Kara, our wonderful and compassionate Patient Care Coordinator, directly by calling 316-686-5900 ext.1, or have a private live chat on our webpage and let us help you get here.  Share

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