Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lyme Disease - Can Lyme Disease Be Cured? Part II

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In the fifth tip of our series on Lyme disease, I want to answer the question several people have posed to me. Do I believe that even late stage, neurological, and chronic Lyme disease can be truly cured?

I am a huge believer that LD can be cured, not just put into remission!
Remission is a drug-induced illusion of health. Remission might as well be thought of as magic. In this grand illusion, if you take the pills/IV's away, the reality behind the illusion is that you still have the illness.

I do not believe in destroying the body in an effort to theoretically kill all of the bacteria. I estimate, based upon research in infectious disease, that if you could eliminate 75-85% of the bacteria AND restore all of the other structural, chemical, stress, and bioenergetic problems, that you could have a complete restoration of health.
If you maintain your newfound health, you will enjoy good health for the rest of your life.

Much of the world has gotten lazy with the advent of illusionary pharmaceutical drugs. With drugs you don't have to learn to watch what you eat...you can always take a purple pill for upset stomach. If you don't control your thinking you can always take an antidepressant for the resulting depression. If you get a fever you can just knock it out with Tylenol.

If you learn nothing during the journey through restoring health, you will likely get another chance to learn the lessons of healthy living when your illness comes back again, again.

In the same way that if I had lung cancer from smoking and stopped smoking until I was cured, I wouldn't start smoking again after I was well and expect not to get cancer again.
Illness teaches us the benefits of living a healthy, happy, well-balanced life.
If you take a person who is cured of Lyme disease who starts working too much, eating too much, not controlling their thoughts, words, emotions, reactions, and responses, and continues subjecting their body, mind, and spirit to extremes of negativity, and harmful lifestyles, it will only result in a return of illness.
The resulting recurrence of illness is not a coming out of remission...it is the effect of trashing the body in which health had been restored.
To be cured is to have truly restored and repaired all that was wrong in your body, mind, and spirit. Sustained health is the product of properly maintaining your body, mind, spirit.
I believe through the healing philosophies of Biological Medicine, if given enough time and resources, and through thoughtfully applied knowledge and healing modalities, a cure can be had for anyone who does not have permanently destroyed tissues.
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