Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Is your medication causing the very symptoms it was intended to block?

Is your medication causing the very symptoms it was intended to block? This is the second post on this topic.

Last tip we introduced a law of pharmacology: every drug will eventually cause the same and worse symptoms it was intended to block.

This is why it is important to treat the cause and not the symptoms. If you treat the cause, then eventually you can stop taking the medication, since the cause is eventually eliminated.

If you treat the symptoms, such as treating pain with a pain-killer, you will be a slave to the pain-killers forever, since they really don’t fix anything.

They most certainly will eventually start causing pain, which makes most people want totake even more of the painkiller!

Medications can start creating new problems quite rapidly in some people, sometimes in as little as a few weeks, which is why it is important that your doctor be able to test the natural and prescription remedies/medicines to see ifthey are even needed anymore.

By the way, when your doctor tests that you are not needing a remedy anymore, it doesn't necessary mean you don't have your symptoms still. You may still have some symptoms, but the remedy has done what it can do and you need to be put on something better now.

Is it any wonder the world is so messed up and addicted to legal prescription drugs? The more you take them the more you feel you need them!

Sometimes the true skill in doctoring is not so much being able to put the person on great medicines, the true skill is knowing when those medicines have done what they can do and should be discontinued.

The goal of the doctors at the Hansa Center is to rapidly get your body to a place where you do not need to take tons of remedies just to feel well. We are looking for you to feel the effects progressively improving your body every day.

If you live outside (or inside) of the State of Kansas and are considering coming to the Hansa are not alone...over 90% of our patients come from other states and countries. Talk with Kara, our wonderful and compassionate Patient Care Coordinator, directly by calling (316-686-5900), or have a private live chat with her on our webpage ( and let us help you get here.

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