Saturday, September 20, 2014

Part 2: Recovering Your Strength During and After Chronic Illness: Exercise Intolerance

The following story is about a true case from the Hansa Center although the name has been changed.
I was flown into another country, after I had tried several times to send Mary, a young teenager who had not been able to walk, along with a myriad of other symptoms for the last six and half months, to any doctor who even remotely did something like the treatments I use at the Hansa Center.  She had only gotten worse, to the point of her mother pleading with me to come treat her, since they could not get her to Kansas.

Was I nervous? Yes, since obviously I am not God, nor am I the purveyor of all knowledge and wisdom, and it cost a lot for them to fly me to come treat just this one person.

In spite of the fact that Mary had not responded to any of her previous doctor's treatments, within the first one hour treatment, where all I did was work to reset all of the organ circuits, after I was done, I looked down at Mary as she lay on the borrowed massage table her mother had gotten for me to work on, and I said, “Okay Mary, I want you to stand up and walk across the room.” 

To her credit, she only had the “deer in the headlights” look in her eyes, as if thinking, “What do you mean? I can’t stand, much less walk!”

She had been lying on her back as I completed the treatment. With just a supporting hand I sat her up and amazingly…She walked!  The mother who had been watching the whole process, cried and said, “It’s a healing of Biblical proportions!”

While this whole event was profoundly amazing…especially since I never know how a person will respond to my treatments, and not every lame person walks immediately, however I knew that this is just how amazing it can be once all of  the body’s circuits are turned back on all in one treatment. Happily, Mary has been able to walk just fine ever since, now many years since this took place.

The only way to do this is through understanding how the body, mind, and spirit are all interconnected…how it all works…how everything that has gone wrong on a bio-circuit must be addressed in order to reset the body’s circuits. As far as I am aware, the only way to achieve this is through having the advanced-level training in Biological Medicine and having the unique testing and treatment abilities that BioResonance Scanning provides.

Healing is most often a process, more than an event. Our doctors, using BRS can get every single circuit in the body, up and running at maximum integrity within the very first office visit. This is a feat that not many, if any other healing disciplines can achieve. It can never happen from simple symptom suppression, such as Tylenol to cover up the cause of pain, or heart medicine to force the body into some drug-induced illusion of normalcy.

When asked “How can you get these amazing results so quickly?” I answer with, “When the circuit in your house blows, how long does it take the lights to come back on once you have flipped the switch back on?” “Instantly!”

As I said, healing is a process, just getting the circuits online again can often achieve phenomenal, virtually instantaneous improvements in muscle strength and endurance, it can take months and years of work to get back to the level of physical strength and health that you desire.

All the vitamins, supplements, and treatments in the world should be seen as numbers in a combination lock for the bank vault door, behind which lies the wealth of your health. Unless you get the numbers in the correct order, you will never get the door to open. This is why most chronically ill people have a virtual pharmacy in their cupboards of supplements and remedies, often given to them by top natural doctors, using all manner of muscle testing and computerized testing devices, all to no avail.

You can have the right numbers (remedies), but in the wrong order, and the bank vault of your health will not open. To complicate things, some problems cannot be fixed with just supplements or medications. It requires the doctor to use the correct healing tools for the job.

The sicker you are, the longer you have been sick, the less likely it is that you will be able to heal at home on a generic protocol. The protocol may have many of the right numbers, but will not be everything you need, which is also why no two people are ever treated in the exact same manner at the Hansa Center.

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