Friday, September 19, 2014

Recovering Your Strength During and After Chronic Illness: Exercise Intolerance (Part 1)

Exercise intolerance is a common problem in people suffering from chronic illness. For all of the great intentions, exercise machines are most often used as a place to hang clothes.

It is the proverbial "catch 22," you know you need to exercise to get back to the health you desire, but your body is too weak and the post-workout pain it too much to endure, to continue working out. 

The inability to exercise can be caused by many different things, however in this article we will be discussing a little known, but primary cause of exercise intolerance...blown bioenergetic circuits in the body.

What most people, and unfortunately most doctors, don't know is that the many muscle groups of the body are set up on dedicated circuits, much like the circuits of your house. If you go to the circuit breaker box in your house you will see that there are many different circuits dedicated to the various areas of your house.

In a circuit in the body you will find the following all sharing a somewhat dedicated electromagnetic circuit… one organ, gland, certain teeth, certain nerves, joints, and certain muscles. For example, the front two teeth on the upper and lower jaw sit on the same circuit as the kidneys, ears, pineal gland, and the psoas muscles on both sides of the body. The big quadriceps muscles which are located on the top of your thighs, that help you climb stairs, share the same bio-energetic circuit with the small intestines, heart, wisdom teeth, central nervous system, and so on...

If there are problems anywhere on these circuits the body will not give 100% energy to the blown, dysfunctional circuit, so that you will not damage things further by being able to have full strength on a damaged circuit.

So problems ANYWHERE in the circuit from structural, chemical, stress-related issues, or bioenergetic "software/bioregulation" problems in the circuits will cause the entire circuit to "blow" and everything on that circuit suffers the same fate. A person can have multiple problems in one circuit that must be addressed before the circuit will turn back on again.

When these circuits are "blown," the muscles on these circuits will only work at about 40% of maximum integrity.  When the circuits are blown, the muscles that share those circuits will only work at about 40% of their maximum strength and therefore a person is more likely to strain the muscle, suffer pain in the joint that the muscle controls, experience poor endurance, and have post-workout pain.

The weakness in the muscle may be present due to prolonged inactivity due to illness, however it is also is a problem with the fact that with just 40% of the normal strength available, there is not enough strength in the muscles to stabilize the joints, leading to pain, nor are there enough mitochondria (energy factories in the muscle fibers) to produce enough ATP (what your body uses for energy) to enable you to do many repetitions of your workout.

Post workout pain is often due to the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles (loading up on 2000-3000 mg of Lipospheric Vitamin C before workouts can help minimize this from happening), the stirring up of toxins, as well as inflammation set up by the many micro-traumas in the tissues from the strain of working out without any circuit integrity.

"Blown circuits" happen when there are any type of physical, chemical, stress, or bioenergetic problem in the body. One can work out, and even make strength gains, but it will still be only about 40% of what should be available.  Imagine how fast you would go having 60% more integrity in the muscles!”

While eating and living with integrity are definitely steps in the right direction, only a doctor trained to identify and address the myriad of circuit problems can get your body circuits truly reset. The key to understanding how important these connections are is that any problem anywhere in the circuit will cause everything on that circuit to “blow”, much like overloading the electrical circuit in your house. Everything on the circuit will suffer the same fate!


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if these 'circuits' are the same as our meridians which acupuncturists and acupressurists use in treatments?

Also, where can we find a chart of these circuits?

Hansa Center said...

The most detailed chart of the body circuits is the one compiled by Thomas Rau, M.D. and the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland. You might contact the Marion Institute online to get a copy. Meridians are just another segment of the circuits but are not the circuit themselves.