Thursday, February 1, 2018

Your Body is Designed to Heal! Our Job is to Facilitate Healing!

Did you know that if you accidentally cut off the end of your finger anywhere beyond the last knuckle that your body would completely regenerate it perfectly as long as your doctor doesn't sew the skin closed at the end?

When you are healthy, your body regenerates a brand new stomach lining every 4 days, new skin every 30 days, a new liver in 6 weeks, and even the skeleton is replaced every three months. Your hair grows half an inch a month, and adult fingernails grow one-tenth of an inch a month. Pictured with this post is the regeneration of human nerve cells, the slowest tissue to naturally heal. This natural regeneration of your body is greatly influenced by your overall health. 

Natural repair/regeneration is most obvious when you have a simple problem like a blister. It will take four weeks for the skin to completely heal to the point that you cannot see where the blister was. Obviously it will take longer than four weeks if you pick at the blister and the scab, if it gets infected, or if you are nutritionally depleted. 

It is the proverbial "salt in the wound" when disease has injured the tissues of virtually every system in the body. Nothing can regenerate and repair correctly when all that is being done by your doctor are medications that are damaging the body and covering up the symptoms. 

We are in such a quick-fix society that many people are very impatient when their illness takes a long time to heal. Often a person will give their doctor very minimal time to make significant change in their illness or they will write the doctor or the system of care off as being no good. 

We frequently see significant change happen in two weeks of care, however the body is dynamic and constantly changing, which means the carefully selected remedies you are taking must be adjusted periodically. The person you were yesterday no longer exists. Especially in the chronic illnesses, the idea that you can just get on a selection of remedies and take them for a year or more and eventually be well is misguided. 

At the Hansa Center we find that when the remedies are addressing your issues at the direct cause, then they do what they are going to do rather quickly, and then we will adjust the remedies to 
address whatever issue is remaining. If you have been sick for a long time, it is likely that almost every tissue and every system of your body is impaired in its ability to regenerate and heal. Your hair virtually stops growing, and your skin gets thinner as it cannot regenerate as fast as its skin cells are flaking off.

So this is why every system and every issue must be addressed during every office visit with your doctor when you have a chronic illness. Do not accept the idea that "If my doctor can just kill all of these bacteria, then I will be well." You will be well when every system and issue has been restored to optimum health, and that health maintained long enough for your body to be able to replace the dysfunctional cells with healthy ones. Persistent symptoms are not a sign of bacteria or viruses, but are instead a sign of tissue irritation or damage.

True healing never seeks to simply mask the symptoms, since that would defeat the point of truly healing.

My point is that your healthcare team should be working to identify every single issue in your entire body on every single office visit! Health and healing is a function of the body, not the function of a medication or selection of remedies. Pharmaceuticals are most often a trap, since almost all of them only suppress the symptoms, meaning once you start them you must stay on them forever. They are not fixing anything, otherwise you would not need to take them forever. Find doctors at the very start of your illness who work to restore the body's ability to function correctly and your symptoms and illness will fall away.

If you are years into your illness then you are likely a more difficult case. If your conventional doctor did not seek to facilitate the restoration of your body to function normally or was unsuccessful in their attempts then you probably cannot just stop your meds. It will require some skillful treatments to enable your body to get back to work and truly heal.

The good news is that your body is designed to heal. Our job is to facilitate the body's ability to heal itself and stay healthy.


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