Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love, Change!

I just went to see the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” with my teenage daughters. I didn’t know much about the movie except that it was based upon a true story of a woman traveling the world to find peace within her self.

On the drive home with my daughters, now fifteen and seventeen, we reflected upon how much life had changed for all of us in their short life.

It seems the only reliable constant is that everything will change. We all know that everything will change, but somehow we are never ready for it when it happens.

I seem to live my life so much in the now-moment, with very little thought for the past or tomorrow, that on some level I feel like this luscious moment of post-movie bliss with my daughters in the car with me is somehow always going to be this way.

“This life is good,” I think to myself. I have been Dad for seventeen years and even beyond my persona as a doctor and writer, I am first and foremost a dad. I love being a dad.

Change is inevitable. My oldest daughter will soon leave and go to college and live her own life, then my other daughter, and eventually my son. I know each step will feel like a surprise, like “How did that happen?”

In smaller ways, and sometime larger ways, life is perpetually changing. The trick is to adapt instantly and correctly on the heart and mind levels to these changes so that at all times we are confident in God's perfect plan.
Our task is to readily open our hearts and minds to allow love to continue its guidance within us, brought about by change, towards greater inner maturity, joy, and peace.

It is an awareness and a purposeful and conscious decision we must make to put up no resistance to change, to see Divine-perfection in all things, to gracefully allow ourself and others to change, and to know the work to be done while on this earth is within our own self.

Change is a constant of all healthy growth. To resist change is to create turmoil.

Okay life, I am ready, and if you don’t mind…I think I will keep the change! Share

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