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How can WE at Hansa Center Help YOU?

We are here to help YOUR body get to & stay in its most optimum state. All of the blog posts & interviews in the past & that will be posted in the future are to help inform you how to achieve optimum health in body, mind & spirit.

Of course, having done this for 14 years, treating thousands of people from all over the world, I've heard some of the same questions over & over.

Here are a few of them with answers:

What is unique about Hansa Center?
We use testing that allows us to determine sources of imbalance instead of just symptoms, so we can custom tailor a treatment program to fit your body’s very specific needs. We believe that God created the body to heal itself, and we give it the tools it needs to restore balance and rid itself of illness.

Have you helped people like me?
We have helped people with nearly every condition, from rare chronic diseases to maintenance care. We do not specialize in any one illness, but instead we facilitate balance in the body as a whole.

What is your success rate?
Our doctors usually expect that patients begin to see improvement in some areas within the first two days of treatment, and usually in many areas within two weeks. They also coach patients on lifestyle, mindset, and spiritual components of health and healing, and provide strategies for continuing to maintain whole-person health after your treatment program is over.

Will I feel worse before I feel better?
Removing toxins from the body does not have to make your symptoms worse. Since our testing and treatments allow us to balance the body as it heals, patients do not experience difficult reactions as you may have felt with many other treatment programs.

Why come for two weeks?
It has taken your body a long time to get sick. Our doctors use a two week program of concentrated treatments to get the body jump-started back towards healing.

What will I do in the clinic for two weeks?
Patients visit Hansa Center every weekday and spend 4-5 hours in the clinic. This usually includes a 60-75 minute office visit with one of our doctors, using therapies to aid in removing toxins and building the immune system, and taking supplements tested for your body by the doctors. Every case is unique so this varies for each patient somewhat.

How much does it cost?
Your treatment program will vary depending on your body’s needs. We estimate that patients spend $700-900 per day during the two week program. More details on this are in our New Patient Packet. (Contact our office for this:

What payment methods are available?
Payment is due at the time of service. We accept checks, cash, and major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.Do you accept insurance?
Upon request, we can provide you with codes to file to your insurance for reimbursement. Our New Patient Packet contains a reference sheet so that you may ask your insurance company about coverage before coming if you wish.

Will I need to return after the initial two week program?
This will be decided by the patient and doctors together, but often the doctors recommend that patients return 4-8 weeks after their initial program for a week of follow-up care. Phone consultations with a doctor are also available for follow-up.

Can you give me advice over the phone so I don’t have to come to the clinic?
Our doctors are available to make recommendations in a phone consultation, however, what they can do over the phone is very limited compared to coming in for treatment. To schedule a consultation, we need some case history forms completed and a credit card on file. Consultations are billed $100 for a 30 minute call. Call our office to schedule.

Is there a written protocol I can follow at home?
The Perfect-7 Treatment and Detoxification Protocol® is our best recommendation for at-home treatment. Read it in Dr. Jernigan’s book, Beating Lyme Disease 2nd Edition: Living the Good Life in Spite of Lyme, which you may purchase on our site here.
I’m ready to come for treatment. What next?
Call our office to schedule your program! 316-686-5900 You will be asked for a $350 deposit to reserve your appointments, and we will send you a New Patient Packet with further details and case history forms to complete.

We can help with other questions you may have as well.

So there you are....a brief overview of the "nuts & bolts" of coming into seeing us so that we can help you obtain your most optimum health.

To Your Health!

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