Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Miraculous Diagnostic Machine Part 2

By Dr. David Jernigan
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As I left off last time:
I can’t tell you how many people have come for treatment that ultimately came in saying ........
“Well doctor, I poured the pills down the toilet today!” “What pills?” I ask. “Oh, I wasn’t going to continue living if you couldn’t fix me, so thank you for helping me!”

While knowing what going wrong in a person’s body is useful, it is my experience that rarely can a person’s illness be boiled down to one cause and rarer still boiled down to one magic prescription.

The “Miraculous Medical Diagnostic Machine” doesn’t really exist, although the myriad of blood tests and MRI’s and fancy diagnostics obviously do exist. These tests and the volumes of medical research describing what goes wrong during every illness lead one to feel quite convinced that mainstream conventional pharmaceuticals, surgery, and radiation treatments are the logical way to get the quality of life back that we seek.

It seems that acceptance of a broken system has become the norm in the world!

Women look at every other woman having severe PMS and think this dysfunction is now the norm, when it is actually a sign of dysfunction.

The millions of people on antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, insomnia and cholesterol-lowering medicines seem to also think they are so blessed to have pharmaceutical drugs that they will need to take for the rest of their life.

Like sheep to the slaughter, much of our country has accepted that depending upon symptom-masking drugs is acceptable and is now the norm. It is viewed much like gray hair and wrinkles…it is inevitable that we all will need some sort of drugs as we age.

This is a lie that I feel must be revealed.

When we help people at the Hansa Center our goal is to facilitate true healing through facilitating the restoration of optimum health and integrity within every aspect of the body, mind, and spirit.

The ultimate goal is NOT to switch a person from a lifetime of pharmaceuticals to a lifetime of natural supplements.

Our goal is to get a person to the point, as quickly as possibe, where they don’t need to take anything natural or otherwise in order to live a joy-filled, healthy life.

A secondary goal, but equally important is for us to teach our patients is how not to get in trouble in the first place!

If you have to keep taking something (natural or pharmaceutical) in order to feel good or be symptom-free, then it is not fixing anything! It is masking the symptom only, and it might as well be magic potions, since if you take the pills away the reality is evident. Not only do you still have your original problem, but it has grown worse underneath the pills!

The idea that the human condition can be broken down into biochemical markers and genetic flaws on blood tests is flawed and only works to support a flawed system of dependency upon drugs and “Cookbook Doctoring.”

How do I know healing doesn’t require the Miraculous Medical Diagnostic Machine?

Come back and find out......3rd and final part of this article next time! 

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Unknown said...

At nutrition class at the university, I learned about the corn-fed proteins such as beef and chicken that cause the ingestion of too much Omega 6. This leads me to the purchase of grass-fed beef.
To counter the Omega 6, we need Omega 3. This is in walnuts, canola oil (for cooking), flax seed (may be added to cereal), and fish and fish oil capsules (kept in freezer). This cold fish oil will digested later as to prevent the fish oil burp.

Hopefully, this dietary change will help reduce inflammation from arthritis.

Terri Malenke