Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flying with Eagles

By Dr. David Jernigan

Have you ever been to an invigorating movie that left you feeling like you could conquer the world? You know, it is that feeling you get when you hear the Rocky movie theme song. Whatever the movie you walked away from feeling invincible and feeling like you can rise above your daily grind to be more than you have been, you know the feeling I am talking about.

The feelings are similar to having spent time with individuals, possibly at a business conference, religious event, or networking event, who we look up to as “Eagles.”

Eagles inspire us to reach for more in our lives. Motivational speakers often teach that you should find an Eagle and emulate their successful actions.

All of this is true to a point. The point I am making is that in order to truly reap the benefit of “flying with Eagles” you must do the work necessary before, during, and after meeting them.

The warm fuzzies you get from being around Eagles don’t help you to get anywhere without you putting in the work in the form of sustained action.

Knowledge taught by Eagles has been transformed as the Eagles digested the knowledge and applied it in their own life and turned the knowledge into wisdom. You can gain much of their knowledge and the Eagle is very wise, however they cannot give you wisdom. They can only give you knowledge, which you must digest through taking definite actions on a moment-by-moment basis until you transform it into your own wisdom.

Most Eagles I know have told me that people think they are an “Overnight success.” These Eagles laughingly say, “Yeah, an overnight success after ten years!”

Knowledge without action is dead. Faith without love is dead.

The root origin of the word “Inspiration” is to be “In Spirit.” To be “Motivated” is originally meaning to be stirred to action! So while you are feeling the spirit of an Eagle’s vibration, knowledge, and motivation… make the decision to break free from being an “Eagle-junkie,” feeding off of their energy, only to fade back to your status quo!

Fly… be free! Spread your wings. Watch, and learn, and feel the inspiration and motivation that Eagles provide, and put actions into every moment of every day, whether it is applied to business, health, relationships, or spirituality.

In time you will find that you are not just admiring Eagles, you have become one! Share

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