Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lyme Disease - Bacteria-focused Treatments in Lyme Disease May be Incorrect

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This is the first in a series on Lyme Disease and other infections. Bacteria-focused Treatments in Lyme Disease May be Incorrect.

In most Lyme disease treatment philosophies the focus of every treatment revolves around the killing of bacteria and coinfections.

Whether the treatment is conventional antibiotics, botanical antimicrobial supplements, or antimicrobial rife-frequencies all of these treatment focus on the “bugs” as the ultimate cause of dis-ease, and their annihilation the ultimate cure. Is this treatment focus correct?
Clinical research suggests that in the many of the people who experience long-term recovery from chronic Lyme disease (CLD) the bacteria and coinfections played only a secondary role in their recovery.

The focus of this tip is to propose a bio-centric, instead of microbe-centric focus in the treatment of people suffering from what is generally called CLD.

While many doctors and people can point to remissions in individuals, brought about by antibiotic-type treatments, the ultimate role played by these drugs/supplements is over-glamorized, while the restorative functions of the human body is downplayed or ignored altogether. Health restoration is a function of the body, not a function of a drug.

In an illness where all LD laboratory tests demonstrate a high, false-negative rate, even in profoundly sick LD cases, the extensive antibiotic treatment and subsequent finding of a negative lab test means very little to validate the effectiveness of the treatment.

In my opinion, having interviewed thousands of people treated primarily with long-term, natural, and conventional antibacterial medications, the vast majority of people report that they have nowhere near the quality of life they once enjoyed.

While bringing down the population of offending microbes is important, their complete annihilation is not ultimately what creates the restoration of optimum health

Interestingly, when I spoke with the owners to two of the top Lyme research laboratories, each told me that they had never seen anyone's blood tests completely clear of the Lyme bacteria, even after years of antibiotic cocktails, rife treatments, botanical formulas, homeopathic remedy, or silver products. Yet, many of the people tested had regained their quality of life for many years and were no longer considered sick.

It turns out we all have Strep bacteria in our respiratory tract, but we may never have "Strep throat." This same Strep bacteria we were told could kill us...and it could in the right body environment.

It is the same with LD. A person may always have the bacteria yet never have the disease as long as they maintain a healthy condition.

Just testing positive to having a certain bacteria or virus does not mean you will come down with a disease from that bug. Nor are you a ticking time bomb.

Treat the bugs and more bugs will follow. Treat the human condition and health will follow.

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