Wednesday, December 26, 2018

When Positive Affirmations Are Not So Positive!

It may come as a surprise to many when I tell you that “Positive Affirmations” are not always what they are cracked up to be! Now before you go running and screaming that I am out of my mind, let me explain.

Consider the standard “Lie-Detector Test” or Polygraph Machine for a moment. Since the mouth can say anything that the brain can think the Polygraph machine is detecting the disharmony that occurs between the head brain and the heart brain.

That is right! I said “Heart Brain.” Yes, according to the latest science 65% of the neurons in the heart are identical to brain neurons. Other research shows the heart has a brain of its own that knows the truth of virtually everything, 5-10 seconds before your Head brain can even begin to process what it is perceiving!

So while the mouth (Head brain) can say anything, truth or lie, the Heart brain cannot lie…ever!

Now let’s go back to the Positive Affirmations. What do you think the result of a Polygraph test would be when someone says a positive affirmation that they want to be true, but isn’t really true for them yet? You guessed it; the needle will squiggle on the Polygraph and register your positive affirmation as a lie!

So what? You might be saying. Well I will tell you what. The squiggle of the needle reflects the disharmony that is occurring when the head and heart do not agree. Every cell in the body malfunctions momentarily when we lie…even about something we want to be true! Every muscle in the body momentarily weakens with the untrue statement. Every organ momentarily weakens, as does every aspect of your body, mind, and spirit!

This reality is what I feel is missing in many of the great teachings. The universal truths and scripture are greatly celebrated and memorized, yet if one does not move them from simple “Head knowledge” to transformative “Heart knowledge” then irritation between the body, mind, and spirit is set up! One can speak their positive affirmations repeatedly until the cows come home, however simple memorization of truths and powerful statements of affirmation is powerless without moving them into heart knowingness!

While we definitely want to stay on the positive side of things in our speaking, the mere saying of it without belief in it is empty of power. The Holy Bible is clear on this point when it says that both speaking with your mouth AND believing in your heart is required for true salvation. The same is required of all truth. When you move concepts from simple head knowledge to heart knowledge it becomes knowledge you own, it literally shapes you and transforms into powerful miraculous creative energy. For people of faith, it is understood that faith is different than memorized truths. Faith and believing are matters of the heart, while the hearing, reading, and memorization of the truth is a matter of the head. As a matter of fact, God the Father says very clearly that He looks upon the things in a person's heart, and their mind.

Again, all of this is to encourage you to move your head knowledge to more powerful combination of heart and head knowledge. This is not to condemn or cause you to feel bad about yourself, but to empower you to be more effective in your life.

So when you want to stop just irritating your body, mind, and spirit with repeating positive affirmations you don’t truly believe, deeply meditate on each affirmation, being careful to not fall for "true-isms" that sound all warm fuzzy, but upon analysis do not hold up to every situation, without moving on to the next until you KNOW it is true in the same way you know your name, in the same way you know and recognize your own hand when you look at it as “My hand.”

It can help to do this head-to-heart exercise while fasting from food, such as intermittent fasting a few days a week. I like to apply a few drops of Frankincense, Palo Santo, or Sandalwood essential oils over my heart and on the forehead between the brows to enhance the experience. Find a time of day that you can really focus without distraction and really sink into the moment. For those who pray, pray for God to make the truth really true in your heart of hearts. When you end your exercise, keep that truth in the forefront of your mind and act upon it, using that truth to guide your actions throughout the day and forever.

How do you know if you have gotten a head truth to become a heart truth? You will know something is a heart truth when you no longer have to remind yourself to remember and act on your truth, even when life situations challenge that positive affirmation you remain unchanged. It is not who we are when life is easy that reveals how well we have integrated the positive affirmation into our core heart knowingness. It is when life is difficult and you are being challenged that really helps you see what is in your heart of hearts. In all life circumstances we must learn to remain unchanged in our steadfast love and hold to our positive truths.

Like it or not, we all live the life and view our life through the filters of our truths, the negative truths and the positive truths. I always feel that I should wear an "Under Construction" sign on my back, or one of those messages you see when you visit a new website that hasn't been launched yet, that tells you to "Come back later," because I am constantly using life, which never shows you the same look twice, to improve myself, and to use each challenge as an exercise to get even better at living my positive truths.

The nice thing about real truth is that it doesn't need to be changed with life's ever-changing challenges. If the thing you think is truth has to be constantly modified or doesn't hold up under pressure, then it is not something you want to put in your heart of hearts! The Holy Bible says, "Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life."

Many people have heart truths such as “My name is _____ and I am a worrier…It’s who I am!” I have had people tell me, "My Grandmother was a worrier, my mother was a worrier, and I am a worrier." Another example is “This is my good leg and this is my bad leg!” Negative affirmations or “negative heart truths” are the snare that prevents you from moving forward towards greater maturity and prosperity on all levels.

Fully-realized, negative affirmations are just as true to you and perpetuate that which you affirm, as any fully-realized, positive affirmations! The polygraph machine would register your negativity as a truth if that is what you hold in your heart as truth. Negative affirmations often feel more true, because they are so deeply believed in the core of the person's heart. Actually, people often use the concepts I am striving to teach here, only they do it very effectively with the negative things in their life, instead of the positives. They start with a negative thought, they put lots of emotion behind it, they dwell on it all day and night, often for days, months, and years, so it is firmly believed and they will argue it is just reality. Just do the same process for the positives and let them get deep into your heart until you too believe they are just reality!

Many people know the positive statements that they want to be true for themselves, and these same people may be the counselors to all of their friends, yet it often is all just head knowledge and the counselor does not live their own positive truths. Each of us must continually look inward, and watch how we handle life's challenges, adjusting within each moment where needed. The best counselors are those who also live what they teach. We are to be living examples of the positives that we hold to be truth.

Indeed, beyond just feel good concepts, science also shows that every cell in your body is listening to each thought, especially those thoughts you put emotion to, and takes it as a direct command to change its cellular biochemistry to support that thought. An easy way to see this in real life is to consider the threat of a lion walking in the room. Every cell in your body changes its biochemical output to support the idea that you are going to need to run away or fight the lion! If your heart truths are negative in various ways, fear, worry, doubt, hurt, sorrow, anger, irritation, frustration..., then ever cell in your body will be cranking out biochemicals that support inflammation and sickness!

The opposite is also true. If your heart is truly filled with all things pure, lovely, right, and just, then every cell in your body is cranking out healthy biochemicals that support the perpetuation of health and happiness.

Of course it is not "all in your head...or your heart" however as you are healing it most certainly requires your head and your heart be in alignment with health and healing.

Be transformed by the renewing of your head and heart mind. Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it comes all the issues of life! Meditate, deeply contemplate from every angle and walk your truths until you own them on the heart-level. You must get your positive affirmations to be really true for you; otherwise they are just words…just a lie, leading to dis-ease in life and in body!

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