Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Hansa Center is Now Biologix Center for Optimum Health

For those of you who could not attend our special reveal event last Sunday night at the Orpheum Theater in Wichita, Kansas or join us live online, we are thrilled to announce all of the exciting changes that are happening!

Our first big announcement is that Hansa Center is now Biologix Center for Optimum Health! Please check out our new website at biologixcenter.com that features an informational video you can share and is the new location for my blog.

We did have a technical issue occur during the livestream and lost audio for about 3 minutes. For those that missed it, during that time I explained the reason for the name change to Biologix. Although I completely made up the word Hansa, and Googled it and found it meant, "Swan", over the years I have been called Dr. Hansa many times, or people thought I had purchased the clinic from a Dr. Hansa, this name change has more to do with wanting the name to more accurately represent the treatment philosophies we adhere to, Biological and Bioregulatory medicine. (More on what those philosophies represent in a later post.)

For those of you who don’t know, after 20+ years of treating only people with chronic illnesses I decided about 5 years ago to hire and train doctors in my clinic to serve more people and to do the many innovative technologies that I developed. I knew I needed to step out from behind the treatment table, so that I could focus on the ground-breaking research that I was working on. 

Leaving the treatment room was very difficult for me since so much of my identity was tied up in that role. Although I knew I was correct in my decision to move to full-time research and training of doctors and lay people, I did feel quite a hole in my life no longer being in constant contact with patients. 

Eventually, I made the decision to sell the clinic to three of my doctors. The first sale attempt was unsuccessful and then a second attempt that spanned almost a year and a half also collapsed at the last hour, and those doctors opted to pursue their vision by opening their own clinic. This sale process spanned about three or more years.

Having focused the last five years primarily on researching new techniques and technologies, I felt I was done with the operating of the clinic, however the very day after the last sale attempt fell through, I woke that morning filled with incredible inspiration to bring my new discoveries to the world through the clinic. I had more wind in my sails than almost ever in my 25 year career. Not one day has passed since then that wasn’t filled with this same inspiration. I am back and loving it!

The patients who have come to my clinic within the past few years did not know me when I was practicing. The people who have been around from those days see even more fire and enthusiasm, that spring in my step that characterized my joy of helping people heal. It is a new day! A rebirthing, allowing my old vision to fall away and reveal a new and better vision. Better technologies, better health!

That new day, surrounded by an incredible team of co-visionary staff and doctors, is fueled by the inspiration to take this new clinic concept, and the unique technologies of precision functional diagnosis and precision treatments to the world, locating healing campuses in strategic locations around the country and even into other countries. 

I felt I had taken the Hansa brand as far as I could and that our new brand, Biologix, better represents the recent technologies I have innovated as well as the larger global reach we want to achieve.
The ultimate end goal beyond helping more people heal, is also in the future to take the technologies I have developed and computerize them into a true Bio-Artificial Intelligence interface that could revolutionize precision, person-specific, functional diagnosis and treatment that could be part of a person’s daily routine through using an at-home device that would scan and correct what is going on with that person to treat and prevent problems before they manifest as symptoms. 

We are excited to share that we will be opening our next Biologix Center for Optimum Health just south of Nashville, TN, in the Franklin area in 2020! We will be sending regular updates on this new location with our actual opening date and when we will start booking appointments as we get closer. If you live in the Franklin area and feel that you have talents and skills to join our team, watch our website for career opportunities.

On top of our array of therapies that we already offer inside our all-inclusive packages of care, we are adding additional therapies including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Clear Mind Neurofeedback, and Advanced-Low Dose Immunotherapy (A-LDI).

The new logo and icon: The triquetra symbol denotes a particular complicated shape formed of three vesicae piscis, also know as a “Trinity Knot” which has been used in Christian tradition as a sign of the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). In the Biologix usage, the symbol definitely reflects our faith, and also the triad of our heart of Compassion, Innovation, and Diligence.

The shield in our icon is interwoven in the Trinity knot denoting the interweaving of our faith in all we do, as well as our dedication to defend and protect the truth, the faith, and those people under our care.

It is definitely a new day here! If you came to the Hansa Center in years past and still need help, I encourage you to give our new technologies another visit. We are recording more and more success cases and will be putting them online in the near future. We want to add your success story too.

Our continuing mission is to take the best aspects of the Hansa Center and with the advancements of Biologix, improve our ability to apply precision technologies to restore the structural and functional integrity of every aspect of the body, so that true lasting healing can occur.

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